Think it’s important to have a lot of Twitter followers? How about Facebook fans?

There’s people who make a living trying to convince business owners just like you that your business will live or die by the number of followers and fans you have.

There’s also people trying to convince us that fossil fuels have no impact on the environment.

Let me explain how things really work and you decide for yourself.

Big thanks to Vaughan Mills for letting us hassle their shoppers.

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  • Annette 6 years ago

    Very well said Marc…I just joined this social media stuff very recently and after one week I said to myself “Self, why are you chattin with a fella from New Orleans???” When I choose to work in the GTA area of Ontario??? Duh! Waste of time…Another ah ah moment. I joined groups where I was teaching to the choir-Speakers to speakers-Why would they even consider my services when they are already doing what I do??Duh! (I still like to chat with like-minded people so I didn’t let those go) but it occured to me (and I figured this out all by myself) that I need to join groups locally and with those who my Shy Buster program could serve…Ahhhhh…Your article was timely and informative. Tks!

  • Marilynnmichaels 6 years ago

    I too tried the Facebook and LinkedIn route thinking it would bring me business, but nada. My fans were my family and some close friends and that was it. Sorry to say the business died, not necessarily because of the lack of activity on the social media side, but just a bad economy that strangled it.

  • Jwhite 6 years ago

    Marc: It’s refreshing to get a balanced view on the social media monster. Too many “experts” are too closed minded to admit that social media is not for everyone. Thanks.

  • Statistics are necessary part of any businesses…. But for many businesses, especially B2B Social media is almost useless. What’s the reason to have a facebook page if your company produces very specific valve to the space shuttle only? Social media is for companies who would like to develop brand presence and need active retail online and offline buyers. Even in this situation you can’t simply measure by number of followers – only by growth of “number+active members”.
    Another aspect. I can sell you 10K facebook fans to follow your page in a couple weeks , but they will be absolutely useless for your business. Like a Swarovski’s “diamonds” on your garage walls – pretty but useless.

  • Betty 6 years ago

    Great video article. Loved it – rethinking my need to get more “likes”!

  • Great Video, remember if social media isnt working for you – its probably because you need to change your strategy. The strategy is the problem.

  • Having a large number of followers helps to get your message out in the hopes that someone will see your message.
    I agree Quality Fans / Followers is what is important but if you don’t have a minimum of fans your message won’t be recognized. The number of fans you have can affect your credibility. I also think that who you follow and are a fan of will also affect credibility