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Why Facebook LIKES aren’t enough

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It seems every business wants lots of “likes” on their Facebook page. And who can blame them? It sure looks cool to have thousands of strangers and people who’ve never actually bought from you letting the world kn...

Blogging secrets from a pro

4.11K Views2 Comments

Looking for some tips to get your blog noticed or just full of richer content? Us too! That’s why we set off to interview one of the hottest bloggers in the country. She’s smart, she’s popular, and she’s going to share all her blogging secrets.

How to use Pinterest (and Biznik)

4.83K Views7 Comments

Why do companies feel the need to jump on every new social media site? Why can’t there be sites for social stuff and other sites for just business? Well, despite the number of companies rushing to join Pinterest, I ...

Can social media tell you how pretty you are?

5.58K Views11 Comments

Over the last few months a disturbing trend has been occurring on YouTube. Thousands of young girls have been posting videos of themselves asking viewers to respond to the question “Am I pretty?” While these types of...

4 things you need to have a successful social media campaign.

6.61K Views10 Comments

Spending lots of time messing around with Facebook, YouTube and Twitter in hopes of attracting new customers and growing your business? Well before you make another tweet, check out this episode. And when you're d...

The Top 10 YouTube Videos of 2011

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What a great way to end the year than by looking at the top 10 YouTube videos for 2011 and seeing if we can find the magic formula for making your own videos go viral. Plus I also have to deal with the fallout from m...

Getting What You Want With No Klout

1.64K Views3 Comments

With Movember winding down, it’s time to look back at my charitable efforts and figure out what worked and what didn’t. Beyond the fact that I look terrible with a mustache, I also learned that being subtle when it ...

How many fans and followers do you need?

2.08K Views6 Comments

My first annual social media party proved how your relationships with fans and followers can often be superficial and pointless. And yet like most business owners you’re still doing it. Has has all the time you spe...

5 steps to a popular blog

1.28K Views1 Comments

Contributing to your blog is great, but if no one reads it then what's the point. In this episode you’ll learn 5 potent blogging tips to get your blog read and shared more often. And sharing is one of the best ways t...

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