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How To Use Tinder For Business

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Don’t let social etiquette prevent you from pushing your business services and products on unsuspecting potential customers. After all, as a business owner, it’s your job – make that your duty – to reach as many peopl...

Why you should not panic about CASL

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If you're like most people, me included, your inbox has been filling up over the last couple months with companies and individuals asking for your consent to be on their email list. Perhaps you have been sending e...

Terms and conditions don’t matter (to your customers)

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I recently received coupons from a fast food restaurant franchise eager to introduce their new line of specialty coffees. Out with my son one afternoon, we decided to stop by and give them a try. Armed with a t...

Why Social Media Experts Will Never Help Your Business Grow

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A guy buys a lottery ticket. A few days later he wins a million dollars. He then writes a book titled How To Become A Millionaire In Less Than A Week. The book is a national best seller. He then parlays the success ...

Under Valued: 5 Tips for Protecting Yourself From Unreasonable Customers

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How much is a can of soup worth? After you bought one, it’s pretty hard to argue you didn’t get your money’s worth. After all, you knew what you were getting before you even bought it. There were no surprises. But ...

Steve Jobs: Being the face of your company

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Unlike many large corporations, Apple had a human face. Steve Jobs was the guy who did everything – at least from a public relations perspective. And while he didn’t write code and was not an engineer, he did make su...

Recent Facebook changes bad for business? Who cares!

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Let me start by saying that I don’t post photos from my vacation, don’t play Farmville, don’t share my list of favourite movies and books, I’m selective as to what sites I choose to “like”, and I’ll only “friend” tho...

Unwritten Rules: The Men’s Room

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Unwritten rules can be a funny thing. Everyone knows what they are, but no one could actually tell you. People just follow them with an understanding that not doing so would make you an obvious outcast, a foreigner, a...

What to do when customers don’t like you.

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It has been argued that social media has given even the most introverted and meek the power to speak their mind in ways loud enough to be heard around the world, with power and influence that matches even the greates...

How your business can outperform Toyota

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Toyota is in trouble – with the owners of its vehicles.  With a worldwide recall of over 8 million vehicles including Camry’s and Corolla’s, Toyota is scrambling to show the world that it is a responsible company tha...

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