You would think an international company like Dairy Queen would know the difference between a gift and a promotion. But I prove otherwise when I call them on their “free Blizzard on your birthday” offer. Luckily, we have Panera Bread to show us how things should really be done. So I have no choice but to make it my mission to use Panera as an example for Dairy Queen. Think it will work? Or am I just setting myself up for a lawsuit?

Going to be in Toronto on February 5th? Then make sure you come out to the Business Connects networking event. Marctv is the official media sponsor and will be shooting an episode where we’l ask you to share your best networking tips.

Want to attend free? Send me a comment below telling me why you should attend this awesome event. The two best submissions get a FREE pair of tickets!

Click the banner for more information. Hope to see you there.

And don’t forget to give us your idea on what we should cover when we shoot our special episode from The Canadian International Auto Show. With lots of exotic cars, trade show booths, sales teams, promotions and even some booth babes, we know you must have some great ideas for a topic. Share them with us and we’ll give you credit for the idea.

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  • Jane Forbes 4 years ago

    HI Marc, It’s my birthday today. Want to give me a present : )
    Jane at Seneca!

    • marctv 4 years ago

      Happy birthday Jane! You know I would never make you buy a present.

  • Auto Show idea… The Evolution of “Salesmanship” in the Auto industry.. or perhaps the lack of evolution? ie. the impact of digital/web on the sales process.

  • Mike Bradford 4 years ago

    Why do I want to be at Jennifer’s event? To meet people and find out what’s happening in the business community.

    • marctv 4 years ago

      Hey Mike, sounds like a good enough reason to me. A pair of tickets will be emailed to you this week.

  • That’s a creative way to illustrate your point. Ill take a gift over a promotion any day! I’m looking forward to the Mega Networking event on Feb 5th. Let me know if the tickets are still up for grabs. And I’ll see you doing your show at the event Marc. Nice one!

    • marctv 4 years ago

      You just got the last pair, dude! See you there. I need an email address where to send them.

  • A gift that is not a gift. Does Dairy Queen actually think this works? If I got that offer it would just tick me off. Reminds me of an unnamed coffee chain that offered a free beverage of your choice on your birthday if you had a registered card. So – I went to claim mine, only to be told that it would be mailed to me! Of course I never did receive it. Mobile coupons are the way to go. Hint, hint!

    • marctv 4 years ago

      Well said Susan. Mobile coupons with no stupid conditions would make a great gift.

  • If you are going to give someone a gift….. Make it a sincere one! Dairy Queen should totally thank you for this lesson! Free blizzards for a year? Thanks Marc.

  • Wow, way to call them out! Did you ever hear from either DQ or Panera?

    • marctv 3 years ago

      Hey Richard,

      Yeah, I got a letter form Dairy Queen asking me not to ever film in their place again.