4 things you need to have a successful social media campaign.

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Spending lots of time messing around with Facebook, YouTube and Twitter in hopes of attracting new customers and growing your business? Well before you make another tweet, check out this episode. And when you're d...

Tweeting my day through Hell

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Do you twitter? I've been asked that so many times I thought maybe it was time to start.  But what the heck am I supposed to twitter about?  Well if anyone can find a way to ruin their life in 140 characters or less,...

Can social media tell you how pretty you are?

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Over the last few months a disturbing trend has been occurring on YouTube. Thousands of young girls have been posting videos of themselves asking viewers to respond to the question “Am I pretty?” While these types of...

Think you really need followers and fans?

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Think it’s important to have a lot of Twitter followers? How about Facebook fans? There’s people who make a living trying to convince business owners just like you that your business will live or die by the number of...

How to use Pinterest (and Biznik)

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Why do companies feel the need to jump on every new social media site? Why can’t there be sites for social stuff and other sites for just business? Well, despite the number of companies rushing to join Pinterest, I ...

Blogging secrets from a pro

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Looking for some tips to get your blog noticed or just full of richer content? Us too! That’s why we set off to interview one of the hottest bloggers in the country. She’s smart, she’s popular, and she’s going to share all her blogging secrets.

Why Facebook LIKES aren’t enough

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It seems every business wants lots of “likes” on their Facebook page. And who can blame them? It sure looks cool to have thousands of strangers and people who’ve never actually bought from you letting the world kn...

More Profits – Less Groupon

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What business wouldn't love clients calling day and night, lining up at your door waiting to buy whatever your selling? And with sites like Groupon, Social Buy, and Living Social, businesses of all kinds are seeing a...

What a bunch of pot heads can teach you about marketing

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Who would think that a bunch of pot growers would be marketing experts?  Well if you think your industry is a tough one, you ain’t seen nuthin’ like this.  These folks know effective marketing is just as important as...

Making a winning contest

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Running a contest through your company is a great way to increase awareness and get people excited about your products and services. Contests can be easy to do and cost effective making them a powerful marketing tool...

Dressing sexy, pumpkin pie, and bad marketing

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You will never think of pumpkin pie and cucumbers the same way again!  On the upside, you may now have a number of new uses for them. From the Live Aid episode, 3 viewers knew that Culture Club did not perform at eit...

An empire built on just one product

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Offer variety. Product mix and product depth. Advertise. Be price conscious. These are all textbook theories for growing a successful business. But in this episode, I’m going to show you how you can succeed without ...

Beer, burgers, and political advice

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When I showed up at the house of Toronto mayoral candidate Rob Ford for his “Ford Fest” BBQ, I went looking for more than just burgers and beer.  I wanted to know what this guy learned from 30 years as a business own...

What the car you drive says about you – and your business.

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Your choice of vehicle can create perceptions of your success, professionalism, and the fees you charge. Even if you drive a vehicle that says you’re a winner, those empty coffee cups in the back seat can ruin an ot...

Pizza, pet food and a crabby guy named Joe

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Thinking about buying a business or franchise?  Remember that not all businesses are created equal. Here’s 6 important things I think you should know before signing on the dotted line. And a special thanks to these f...

Proof bullying goes beyond the school yard.

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UFC boss Dana White gets nasty on a fan while his fighters tell students to play nice. And this is all happening while a national retailer’s marketing efforts are being overthrown by a religious group using their ow...

5 tips for better cold calling

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What could be scarier than cold calling? For many business owners, the thought of calling someone they don’t know with a business proposition is enough to send them screaming in the streets. Luckily I have 5 tips th...

George Clooney owes me money!

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When George Clooney ordered product from me and asked for credit, who was I to say no?  After all, George played a doctor on TV.  But regretfully things don’t always go as planned.  I believe George Clooney owes me m...

Five awesome tips for networking success

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There’s nothing better than meeting people face to face in a group networking environment. But to get the most out it, certain practices should be followed to avoid looking like a jerk and turning people off. Let Mar...

Is your networking event working?

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Getting a bunch of people in a room and calling it a networking event is easy. But ensuring those people actually get something out of it is the real measure of success. In this episode I will show you an innovative ...

My day at the G20 Summit

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While most people were playing outdoors, having a BBQ, or just enjoying the weather, I went down to the G20 summit in search of trouble.  Did I find any?  You’ll have to watch the newest episode of marctv to find out...

Slutty college girls make the best PowerPoint

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Who owns the content you send online? Up until you click the SEND or UPLOAD button, you do.  But after that it becomes open hunting season. Watch this episode to learn what can happen to even the most well thought o...

My scary Halloween episode

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Knowing how to organize merchandise and create in store displays might be profitable, but when it comes to marctv, you know there’s always more tricks than treats. So beyond the educational content, be sure to stay t...

A gift or promotion? Don’t ask Dairy Queen

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You would think an international company like Dairy Queen would know the difference between a gift and a promotion. But I prove otherwise when I call them on their “free Blizzard on your birthday” offer. Luckily, we...

Think you can spot a leader?

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If you asked your clients to pick an industry leader, would they choose you? In this episode of marctv, you get the chance to test your leadership spotting skills.  But be careful, it’s not as easy as you think.  Esp...

It’s not just a bill, it’s my freakin’ holiday

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Can one little bill and a not so little boy spoil an otherwise great trip to Niagara Falls?  Not much I can do about the boy, but we can certainly learn something from that bill.

Let’s take a deep breath

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Over reacting seems to have become so normal, people don't even notice it anymore.  So what can businesses learn from others who have acted first and thought second?